Brittains are a Doncaster based company producing the finest quality premium vodkas. We produce an extensive and exciting range of flavoured vodkas all produced using our own premium vodka. All deliver exceptional flavour and hit the spot with a rich, smooth & luxurious sensation. Whichever you choose, enjoy the experience!

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  • Chocolate

    Brittains Chocolate Vodka Spirit

    The most indulgent experience in the range combines Brittains own Premium Vodka with the finest of rich Chocolate flavours. Chocoholics will find this one absolutely irresistible as it delivers a velvety, warm and luxurious sensation.

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  • Cherry

    Brittains Cherry Vodka Spirit

    Brittains own Premium Vodka has been delicately infused with the finest Cherry flavours to result in a warm and luxurious drink. Indulge your taste buds and enjoy the experience.

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  • Butterscotch

    Brittains Butterscotch Vodka Spirit

    Using our very own Premium Vodka, we’ve infused the finest Butterscotch flavours to result in a rich, creamy taste that’s soft, delicate and almost heavenly.

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  • Cranberry

    Brittains Cranberry Vodka Spirit

    Using Brittains very own Premium Vodka we’ve delicately infused a delicious recipe of Cranberry flavours to result in a soft, warm and luxurious experience.

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  • Coconut

    Brittains Coconut Vodka Spirit

    For an absolute exotic delight, Brittains own Premium Vodka has been delicately infused to ooze the most delicious Coconut flavours. This delicious, luxurious vodka conjures up essences of all that’s good with life. Just close your eyes and dream!

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  • BlackForest

    Brittains Black Forest Vodka Spirit

    A winning combination of the finest Chocolate and Cherry flavours, expertly infused with Brittains own Premium Vodka to deliver a sensational taste experience. Enjoy!

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